Our Story

Empire Fasteners, Inc. opened its doors in 1969 as the premier precision metal fastener distribution company dedicated to the sourcing and shipping of military-aerospace and commercial items throughout the US. Privately owned since its humble beginnings, Empire successfully grew in its inventory breadth of precision parts in different alloys and finishes due to its expanding customer base.

As years went by and the business grew, the variety of items Empire sold through its inventory offering shifted from several thousands of items to a company bolstering over 67,000 items in all material types and finishes. What was an 11,000 square foot warehouse back in 1969, Empire is slated to move into a state-of-the-art 17,200 square foot facility by Q1 2016. Throughout the last 47 years, our sales team developed important relationships and exceeded the needs of our customers by providing them with a trustworthy partner they could always depend on.

With new ownership and management (as of summer 2014), Empire changed its name to Empire Fasteners, LLC.  Our firm is strong and looking beyond its pinnacle to serving our clientele in different industries domestically and around the world.

Mission Statement:

Empire Fasteners has developed a well-deserved reputation for punctually delivering our clientele with high quality aerospace and commercial component and fastener items. By utilizing our knowledge, experience, integrity and passion; we continue developing a loyal long term customer base with unmatched service. We are proud to provide over 101 years of sales experience to the market and hope to continue proving ourselves to our current customer base and future clients.

Ultimately, our main focus is to always provide the highest level of customer care, while offering high precision parts that properly satisfy the requirements of our clientele.

Letter from the President

As the President and Principal, I’m happy to say that within our first year at Empire (since taking over the company back in August 2014), I’ve seen a major transformation take place since its founding almost half a century ago. Internally, our business model and every internal process has been revamped and made highly efficient as we obtained AS9120:2009 & ISO9001:2008 certifications. We’ve hired new staff who bring a wealth of industry experience both in management and aerospace/military client services. Our sales program and hardware have been updated to a new state of the art ERP system that is architected for the fastener industry and customized to Empire’s needs.

Externally, through all of these internal changes, I have personally seen our hard and soft costs go down, which has spurned these benefits to be passed along to our client base via lowering their purchase order costs and turnaround time for items received. We have increased our outreach by calling and meeting with our clients’ needs in order to better service them. After all, our clients are not in the business of managing inventory, that’s part of our service to lessen their daily concerns. Many of our clients are very content when they partner with Empire as they value our inventory management solutions. Our commitment to our clientele is paramount – that will never change.

Every client is different, and I always want to hear your concerns and what we can do to tailor fit your needs. The near future will prove to illustrate how we stand behind our clients and make their businesses flourish. We hope you enjoy the many benefits Empire Fasteners can deliver to you today.

Anton Mourtil
President & Principal
Empire Fasteners LLC